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Guro Dennis Servaes is an instructor of Cabales Serrada Escrima. Serrada is the Filipino Martial Art System of Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, The Father of Escrima in America. The late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, opened his academy in 1966. The term 'Serrada' means 'close,' and was used to differentiate Angel's unique style of Escrima from the other styles. Angel Cabales studied from, Felicissimo Dizon. Dizon and other Moros trained in secrecy with a man they called 'the Hermit'. The Escrima that they practiced was kept secret from others. No one knows what the hermit's name was. After Dizon died people made false claims about him and then when Angel died there were some people who tried to attain fame by lying about Angel also.

The bolo, and knife were often used in the Philippines for work so it was only logical that they would often be the weapons of choice. Serrada teaches the individual to use weapons, and empty hands against weapons.

The Northern Islands of the Philippines are said to be more familiar with the term Arnis, and the Central Islands are where Escrima comes from and in the Southern Philippines Silat and Kun Tao are practiced. Danny Inosanto, helped to popularize FMA more than anyone else in the last century, and once credited his FMA foundation to the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales' deadly system of Serrada Escrima. He also helped to promote the term Kali. Most FMA styles probably have some 'Kali' in their system because it is the base word from the name of the original Mother Art "Tijakalili." The term 'Kali' indicates blades, as does Silat.

Espada Y Daga is a term used by the Spanish, and it means 'Sword and Dagger' and is the basis of Serrada. This style of combat originated in Europe on the Iberian Penninsula and includes 'sticky stick' similar both to sticky hands of Wing Chun and Rapier of fencing. Serrada Sword and Dagger is quite different to the European or even other Filipino styles.

Guro Dennis Servaes earned and received an Advanced Degree in Cabales Serrada Escrima, October 5, 2009, taught to him by Grandmaster Vincent Angel Cabales Sr. Now Guro Dennis Servaes, continues teaching at the accademy while training to complete his Master Training from Grandmaster Vincent Angel Cabales Sr.

Guro Dennis Servaes also has Black Belts in Taekwondo and Modern Arnis, (Arnis is another Filipino Martial Art; FMA), and Guro Dennis Servaes has also studied Kun Tao and Silat, Martial Arts of Chinese and Indonesian origin and practiced in the Philippines.

Guro Dennis Servaes, has trained in some grappling, and also Muay Thai Kickboxing from Master Brooks Mason, the man who coached Don the dragon Wilson to claim the Title World Champion Kickboxer.

Guro Dennis Servaes also trains in Kung Fu San Soo, a Chinese martial art brought to the United States by Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo. Kung Fu San Soo is a most effective empty hand fighting system. Kung Fu San Soo is not a sport, but an effective and efficient fighting system utilizing a combination of punches, kicks, strikes, blocks, throws and leverages, done in perfect rhythm, and directed to vital points of the human body. Guro Dennis Servaes was awarded Black Belt rank in Kung Fu San Soo by Sifu Michael Trimble September 2010.


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