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Few of us would intentionally drive across the country without a spare tire, because we plan ahead and deal with whatever emergency comes our way. However, the daily news contains numerous reports of assaults, home invasions, car- jackings, kidnappings, rapes, robberies, tortures, and murders. If only there was something that the victums could have done to prevent or counter such unfortunate circumstances; similar to having a spare tire when needed. Some people make an effort to learn an effective means of self defense, and consider that not learning to defend themselves would be the same as victumizing themselves so got into a popular martial art. (If we do nothing, we lose.) If you want to learn an effective martial art Serrada Escrima is a great choice. Serrada is considered to be one of the most effective martial arts on the planet. A truly effective combat efficient martial art has counters against weapons, but unfortunately MOST martial arts today simply aren't effective against weapons, thus leaving their practitioners OFTEN with a false sense of security. A purely Empty Hand style is practically worthless against weapons. Empty Hands Fighting is a last resort in a self defense situation, and only a martial art that is designed specifically to deal with the reality of weapons attacks will be useful when it comes to using empty hands against weapons. Surviving combat is not a sport. WEAPONS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN USED IN EVERY CULTURE WHEN IT COMES TO REAL COMBAT, so it should be obvious that an effective martial art would be required to deal with weapons to be of any use. Serrada Escrima is a comprehensive combative effective martial art that has superior empty hand and weaponry techniques that anyone can learn and use to counter vicious attacks. Also, in the event that we have no weapons available we can use our environment as a weapon against anyone that threatens our safety.   In addition to teaching
Cabales Serrada Escrima for two decades at the Cabales Serrada Escrima Academy of Self Defense, Guro Dennis Servaes, has also earned a Fitness Specialist Certificate, and Guro Dennis Servaes has also trained in other martial arts for decades.   Maybe it's time for you to learn Serrada Escrima.   Guro Dennis Servaes  is now accepting students.


The Cheshire Murders; reason to learn self-defense.

The Torture Murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom; reason to learn self-defense.

Mary Vincent, ANOTHER TRUE LIFE STORY. Larry Singleton left her for dead; reason to learn self-defense.

JEFFREY DOHMER; reason to learn self-defense.

Itinerant Mexican serial killer suspected in as many as 23 murders - Angel Maturino ResÚndiz, aka The Railroad Killer; reason to learn self-defense.

The Night Stalker Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Interview; reason to learn self-defense.

Cary Stayner - The Cedar Lodge Killings; reason to learn self-defense.

If you want a martial art intended for real self defense CABALES SERRADA ESCRIMA is probably the best choice you could make. Stay safe! Train hard and have fun!


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