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I have collected some information regarding my Paternal Grandmother's side of the family. They were Portuguese and lived in California after leaving the Azore Islands. I would like help finding family members, and also information regarding the family tree.

My Great Grandfather : Joeseph Lopes Sr. (born in Portugual January 15, 1869 died Feb. 13, 1938 in Sacramento, California at the county hospital while living with his daughter Mary Virgilio. Joe Lopes is buried in East Lawn Cemetery Sacramento, California, @ 43rd & Folsom Blvd. Section S grave #456.   Joe or Joseph Lopes was a Kick boxer from Portugal and was known to fight underground challenge prize fights, in Merced, California.
My Great Grandmother was   Constancia Candida Lourenco - Lopes aka DaRocha   born Azore Islands Feb 28, 1885 and lived until April 8, 1953. She is buried in the St. Johns Cemetery Escalon/Manteca, California- San Joaquin County (Her mother's maiden name was Candida and her father's surname was Lorenco)
(The children of   Joe Lopes Sr.   and   Constancia Candida Lorenco- Lopes  were as follows:
Note: Some of these children grew up at Half - Moon Bay in and orphanage.
1. Mary Lopes/Mary Virgilio [ not Regello] of Sacramento--married Anthony Virgilio and lived at I & 65 Streets in Sacramento, California. Anthony Virgilio was Italian and Norwegian and inherited wealth.
Their children:
  1. Virginia - Rayjinks - their children were Dale, Danny and Michael Lewis (Mike) now deceased. Michael Lewis' daughter is Sharon Covello (209) 817-5467.
  2. Betty Jane died in a car accident.
  3. Betty Lou (Betty Lou Sutter (916) 421- 4447) married Irwin Suitter and their children are Mary Lou Suitter and Shari Suitter.
  4. Anthony married "Cotton" Carolyn Bandy (but Anthony was murdered).
· Tony, Johny and Jeanette. ??? Can someone please help???

2. Anna Lopes/ Annie Sylvia · / Annie DeSilva Manteca married Domingus Silva. They had no children together. · Annie was very beautiful and self centered.

3. Manuel Lopes of Gustine / Manual Lopes lived near Atwater, California/ Manuel Lopes aka Mannie (had red hair) of Dos Palos, California (son? moved to New Zealand.

4. Elanor Lopes. Elanor & Annie both lived in San Francisco) ·

5. Eva Lind· June 29, 1911 to Nov 15 1946 is buried at Park View Cemetery French Camp, CA Lind of Stockton / Eva Lopes married Axel Lind. Axel Lind loved Eva very much. Eva was very beautiful. (Mary married Axel Lind after Eva died.)
Jenny & Bill Castello (209)823-5657, Clarence Lind + Jackie Scott Manteca, California, Shelli &
Clarence Lind
born 1928 in Grand Junction, Col.
Jenny Lind
Clarence Lind married Jackie Scott Jenny Lind married Bill Castello
Eric Lind + Shelly
Eric Lind (209)523-3574 ·
Eric Lind is Clarence's son and Eric's children are:
  1. Chase
  2. Camron
  3. Steven
  4. Michelle Marie Lind 1-(831)-297-3400
  1. Bill Castillo and Debbie Friend has a daughter named Briana Castillo (209)275-3896
  2. Nancy Castillo has two daughters: Michelle Castillo and Gina Pfeifer
  3. Gracie Castillo has two daughters: Sarh and Natalie.
  4. Connie Castillo has a daughter named Ceclia Castillo.
  5. Robert Castillo has a daughter named Ashley
  6. John Castillo has a daughter named Danielle Castillo
  7. Vince Castillo Has three Children: Susan Castillo, Natalie Castillo and Vinny Castillo
  8. Frank Castillo

6. Rose Silva of Merced/ Ethel Rose Lopes- Souza( born about 1910 Redbluff California) had two daughters Betty Souza / and Ester Galpin- Ester's daughters Wanda, & Louise, and son Gary. · Betty Runyon married Tom Runyon, and her children are Sandra who married Fred Stuessy. Betty's son Patrick married Jackie and their daughter is Melissa Runyon.

7. Joseph Lawrence Lopes Jr. lived in Stockton, California. May have been in the U.S. Calvary and Modesto Sheriff. His wife was named Ida and his daughters are Beverly aka Bunny, and Pat, and both still live in Stockton, California. · Joe Laurence was a very sweet man.

8. Laurentina Lopes born August 16, 1913 in California/ Laura Servaes-Knapp /Laura Smith and died in Salinas, California January 17, 1950 (click)· last known residence was Salinas, CA and her children are:
Wilma Servaes aka Wilma Gordon, she mrried Cheslee Gordon and their children are Little Cheslee, Linda, Ronald, Margaret,
Cliff Servaes, married Cloyed Sapp and their children are Dennis (that's me), Bryant, and Tammy.
Viv Servaes aka Connie Heider she married Bill Heider and their children are Charles, Gary and Marlus.
Ward Servaes married Lola Jones and their children are Todd and Nick.
Howard Knapp June to Aug . 1942,
There were two others: Sissy (?) & Sonny (?) (-father M. Knapp)
My name is Dennis Servaes the son of Clifford Servaes.· (click)· His Dad was Ted Servaes.


dennisservaes7@gmail.com Or call me at:(209)309-2936.   If this is helpful information to anyone please let me know!

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click for Joe Lopes' death 
  Joeseph Lopes Sr.
  born January 15, 1869
  died Feb. 13,1938 at the age of 69.  
  Buried in East Lawn Cemetary Sacramento, California  
 @ 43rd & Folsom Blvd. Section S grave #456.  
Joe Lopes Death Certificate
Joe Lopes Obituary

John Da Rocha
1893 to 1953

Constancia Candida Da Rocha
Feb 28, 1885 to April 8, 1953

Constancia's mother's maiden name was Candida and her Father's Surname was Lorenco.
When She was married to Joseph Lopes Her name was Lopes.
Obituary of Constancia Candida Da Rocha

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Laurentina Lopes·

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Laura Servaes, Betty, Esther, Sissy Knapp & Sonny Knapp

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Laura Servaes, baby and Sailor

Eva Lind, Laura Servaes, Sissy & Sonny Knapp

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